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Dragonfly Motion Pictures is a creative film production company, providing filming services with the added advantages of aerial filming.


Producing content rich & creative films for documentaries, news, sports, television series, short & feature length films projects for all forms of public and commercial broadcast domains with style and passion.


We provide a complete one stop, end to end film solution service for a range of budgets in TV & Web video production.


Dragonfly's team have an in-depth knowledge of film design & artistic direction in the television broadcast industry, showing a creative flare in film making & cinematography.


Dragonfly Aerial Filming & Photography provides a professional aerial filming service that adds the advantages of unique camera angles and dynamic motion to our client’s projects making them stand out in an increasingly competitive market.


Capturing stunning aerial viewpoints and provide ultra-smooth aerial tracking shots for use in the creative film industry for documentaries, news, sports, television series, short or feature length films or event videography projects.


Our 360º filming & 360º photography service provides our clients with the ability to immerse their audiences on a bespoke journey, transporting them anywhere globally, for them to experience directly any environment or content from a unique first hand perspective about your business or event. Helping maximise brand engagement.

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